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At One3AppStudio , we build awesome Android Apps with awesome features!

We give you Android apps with Google/Facebook/Custom login

We implement realtime google maps in your Android apps.

We implement realtime notifications and chat facilities!

We give you the latest in Android design . From Tabs , Bottom Navigation, Infinte Scrolling , Collapsing Toolbar , Navigation View .We will get you a sleek modern Android App .

We design Android Apps with minimum possible download size.

And we will design Android Apps which will work perfectly well even in 2G internet connections

We also design and host for you , the backend where you can update the contents of your app and view the analytics!

Our team of Android Developers will deliver the best quality app in he shortest possible time!.

One3AppStudio : The premier Software Company in Ranchi for Android Apps

At One3AppStudio , we build awesome websites and webapps!

We design modern responsive websites that are optimized to be viewed from mobile devices

And we use the latest technology in web design from React/Angular to Node and .Net , Java to ruby on Rails

We also host and maintain your websites

We provide concept to commissioning , meaning the process of buying a domain , design of website , secured cloud hosting of the backend.

And the SEO , or search engine optimization , to help people discover your website from ggole and other search engines!

The best part is we are fast !. We can build and deploy your website in 15 days flat!!

One3AppStudio endeavors to present itself as the top-notch website design service provider in Ranchi and all of Jharkhand.

One3AppStudio : The premier Software Company in Ranchi for Web Design and Website Development

At One3AppStudio , we provide quality training on advanced programming for creating Android Apps and Enterprise grade modern webapps and web design.

For Android , we train in Java , XML , REST API consumption , using Google cloud services and API and publishing apps to PlayStore

For web apps, we train in HTML , Javascript , Jquery , CSS , SCSS , Ruby on Rails , Hosting , SEO and Domain registration process

And more importantly , we train you to code like a professional , using cutting -edge tools like Cloud IDE and proper versioning using Github and Gitlab

We don't provide certificate , because we feel that at the end of the training , we will have your own Android App and your own website to show to the world.

And that is much better than a certificate!

At One3AppStudio , our endeavour is to create better programmers!

One3AppStudio : The premier Software Company in Ranchi for Android App Design Training and Web Design Training

  • One3AppStudio is our vision of creating a Premier Software Company in Jharkhand and place Ranchi amongst the top software destinations in India. We wish to become a Software company dealing with the whole gamut of enterprise grade software applications

  • At One3AppStudio , coding is integrated into our lifes. So much so that we make our own custom Android Apps for our own tasks so as to make life much easier. Like for eample, one single app that integrates into Facebook , Instagram and Pinterest , so that we can use our phone the way we want . So that we dont have to install multiple apps. So that we can automate our posts and comments ,and even likes. So that we create our own digital personal assistants. And , more importantly , we control the data that is stored on our phone and enjoy complete privacy and data protection. Or may be another app that shuts down my phone automatically at 11.00 pm and restarts at 7.00 am with my favorite song being played to wake me up. At One3AppStudio , we belive that the possibilities are endless.

  • Or even may be , a software that logs into my gmail and company mail , reads them , filters them based on subject or sender and forwards them automatically to required persons based on the subject . And also generate a log file for me daily. Or may be a software that not only generates my invoices but also generates the summary sheets on a weekly basis and helps me automate the process of filing my tax returns.

  • Or may be today we make a website that is super awesome in design . A website that is interactive . A website that allows users to generate their own content and present them before the world in totally sleek fashion . May be a website for a business , an institution , which not only showcases their abilities in the best possible manner in the digital world , but also a website which allows the business owner to monitor his business , his staff and view the analytics that will help him in his business.

  • We do all of these and we are passionate about building our dream of One3AppStudio. So , we also believe in raising the quality of coding , here in Ranchi. So , we are here to help you or any one interested in coding to learn the advanced parts of coding .


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