Q. What is Python?
A. Python is a very popular dynamic-typed and interpreted programming language.
Q. Why is Python so popular?
A. Mostly because , it is easy to learn . With Python , we can very quickly create softare , games , websites etc.
Q. So , is Python more popular than C/C++/Java?
A. Umm , Not quite. You see , C/C++/Java are more popular in the core IT Industry . Like , a banking software , a CAD software , Games , Android Apps etc are mostly non-Python software.
Q. But presently , Python seems to be in the limelight?
A. Mostly it has to do with Data Science and AI/ML . Actually , Python is a very old language , possibly older than Java . But the IT industry picked up C/C++/Java mainly because they were faster . However , Python was welcomed by the acedemia. The Maths-Sceince-Economics-Medicine , the scientific community of researchers embraced Python to write software to teach as well as sceintific software in Python . Therefore , when the Data Sceince trend started to catch up in recent years , people discovered that mots of the tools for the same are already developed by the scientific community in Python . With that , people also discovered that other software like games /websites are also very easy to program in Python . Hence , it became very Popular.
Q. That's all ok, but why should I learn Python ?
A. People don't realize that 24x7 they are surrounded by Software 😏 .
If you are a student in school or college , you should definitly learn Python. It will also help you in your studies while making you realy cool among your friends because of the cool things that you shall be able to do on your laptop or social media. You can even write a cool program to automatically wish good morning to your Facebook friends at 4 am in the morning when you are actually sleeping.

And if you are in college , and want to make a career in any field , software , banking , medicine , core industries , always remeber that recruiters love students who know Python . They are smart and future-ready!!

Also , if you are a working professional in any sector and if your office work involves the use of MS-Excel , please try to learn Python . It will make your job much much easier !!

If you want to know more read this blog
Q. Ok. so how to learn Python in Ranchi?
A. You can google and download Tutorials for Python . There are also Android Apps that can help you with Python . Or , if you want , you cam join coaching centers that are available in Ranchi.

Here's a good tutorial to read , if we want to get a feel of the language!

But , honestly speaking , I can help you with less time and less money!.
Q. So , How to learn Python with less time and money in Ranchi?
A. Programming should not be learnt like other subjects . Most tutorials and coaching center try to teach Python from Basic like syntax, then reserved words , tehn datatypes , functions , conditional statements , classes etc.

That's not effective .

For example , say you know to play cricket. For you its very simple. Now , think if you have to teach Cricket to a Chinese person , who has never played or seen a game of cricket in his life. Think about it . How would you teach?

If you teach him just the rules like .. 6 balls in an over , boundary and six , running between wickets, do you think he will become Virat Kohli??
No , he will have to actually practise batting , balling , fielding to become a good crickets.

My way of teaching is similar to that.

I will teach you not only Python but also Data Analysis with Python in just 4 Sundays . In fact , you don't even have to install Python in your laptop.
6 hours every Sunday
The training Course consists of creating a Console Application in Python for taking multiple choice test on Physics , Maths and Chemistry Subjects. The user can add questions subject-wise and then take a test. Further , we shall be doing Data Analysis of the results of students to explore the performance of students and schools.

The Course Duration is 4 Sundays , 6 hours per Sunday
Python and Data Science Training Course in Ranchi
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Create free account on Cloud IDE for Python
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Print text to console
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Read Input from console
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Save input in a variable
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Perform logic statements
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Write a function
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Perform loop statements
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Understand string and boolean datatypes
PYTHON 3.6.3>>>
Python Program to print a multiple-choice question , read answer from user and check the answer!

Python and Data Science Training Course in Ranchi
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Create and use a List
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Create advanced function with input and output
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Create and use Dict
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Understand and use immutable and mutable datatypes
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Create and use Class
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Create and use a Module
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> File Handling and Data persistence
PYTHON 3.6.3>>>
Python Program to add Questions to a Question Bank and take a test in desired subject!
Python and Data Science Training Course in Ranchi
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Create a Jupyter notebook on Googgle Cloud
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Upload local data to google drive and use it in Jupyter Notebook
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Understand the Python library eco-system and how to use them
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Start Data Analysis using Python Pandas
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Read Data from Excel to Panda Dataframe
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Clean the data
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Modify data by adding/removing rows and columns of data
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Create Basic Bar Chart and Line Chart using Mathplotlib
PYTHON 3.6.3>>>
Read and pre-process data for Analysis by Python Pandas in a Jupyter Notebook on Google Cloud!
Python and Data Science Training Course in Ranchi
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Create Bar Chart , Line Chart & Pie Chart using Pandas visualisation
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Create multiple charts-in-one.
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Create a data sub-set by ordering , sorting , filtering and custom quering of the datafrane
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Plot data sub-sets of importance
PYTHON 3.6.3>>> Discover and show Information obtained by analysis of the data
PYTHON 3.6.3>>>
Analyse the data and present the information obtained from the data in form of charts & graphs!
DataPythonSceinceandData Analytics
Automate tasks with Pythonq
PythonforWeb Scraping
Console andwithWindows
WebappWeb DesigninPython
PyPiAnacondapip install chrome
PYTHON 3.6.3>>>andPandas
ModulesListImmutable SetDict


Hello! I am Ravi.
I am a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from N.I.T Jamshedpur . I started my career in Accenture and then resigned to join MECON LIMITED. I currently program using these technolgies/frameworks: C, C++ , Java , Linux , SQL , HTML/CSS/JavaScript , Ruby on Rails , Python and I love creating Android Apps/ Website/ Desktop Applications.

And yes , in my free time I practise Meditation, Gardeneing , Cooking , Playing Drums and playing my awesome two cute little kids.

Before signing off , I must answer the following two questions.
Why is the Python Course taught only on Sundays?
Because I'm free only on Sundays

Seriously though , I feel beginners should devote an entire day in a week towards learning programming and do rest of their studies/jobs in the weekdays.

My whole empahasis is to create interest in programming and help in building a solid understanding and foundation.

Ofcourse , Programming is a very vast area and people who are programming since last 20 years also find something new to learn everyday because technology always changes at a very fast pace and past knowledge quickly becomes outdated!.

Think about Android phones , every year Google comes up with a new version of their OS and developers have to learn the new tools!!.
Can I really learn Python in just 4 Sundays?
OF course , you can!. Programming is easy once you understand how to apply logic in a programming language. And , believe me , Python is the easiest language to learn.

Once you have understood the basics , you thought-process to create a software program will develop automatically.

I will also help you to explore further in your journey to programming and how to find the right help on the internet if you are stuck at understanding something at a later stage.
By the way , where do you teach?
At my home , in MECON COLONY , Doranda , Ranchi. And yes , I don't take more than 10 people in a batch.
And , what's the fees?
It is Rs 5000/-.
It seems expensive?
I dont teach to earn a living. I teach out of passion and with the latest tools.

I teach using latest cloud technologies. So , you dont even have to install Python in your laptop.

All you need is a laptop with internet connection. Infact , all progams that you will create shall be created on internet and shall always be available to you and to anyone whom you wnat to show your programs.
So , how to contact for details?
Whatsapp me on 8541817622 for further details!!
Somehow , I'm not entirely sure to take this Python Course. Can you pep me up a little more?
Programming is the tool for creating software . Think about that , from apps on your smartphones to the social media , everything is a software. Facebook, Instagram , Twitter , Whatsapp , Amazon , Flipkart , Candy Crush , PubG -all mobile and desktop games - everthing is a software .

Even businesses need software to run . A E-commerce site is software . Even the brick-and-mortar stores cannot run without billing software and inventory management software . They also need accounting software for day-to-day accounting , business reports and even to file taxes.

The banking system cannot function without software . The world today just cannot run without software. 24 x 7 , we are surrounded by software . We are online most of the time . Most of our transactions and communication take place in the virtual digital world through Software .

In that way , everyone is a consumer of Software . Therefore , software professionals are always in demand . But , the fact is , a minor percentage of poeple trained software are actually able to program properly . In fact , employability of software programmers in India is very low.

As per India Skills Report'2019 released by AICTE, less than half of graduates in India are actually employable.

Why is this so. Afterall , they all study in good colleges and their syllabus contains everything they should know. Infact , most are good students . But somehow , they lack the required skills.

Remember , skill is different than education . You know know all rules of Cricket , but does that make you Virat Kohli??

Therefore , in today's world , you need software skills to succeed , no matter what is the domain of your education or work.

But , programming is an art more than it is just learning . You should be skillful enough to turn into meaningful output through logic.

But then , there are probably million ways to program . There are multiple languages , frameworks and technologies to learn. It is not an easy task.

But those , who want to have that skill have to start somewhere. And Python is the easiest to start. For reference, here's a chart showing the start age of programming (Source:Stack Overflow)

The start age for programmers in India is quite good:

Here's the most popular technologies :

And here's the most loved ones:

So , Python is the best language to begin programming.

Therefore , this Python training course is focused to create a meaningful output by learning Python and Data Science. As you can see, the syllabus of training course is clearly defined .The learning outcomes of the course is objectively measured in terms of the output created in Python .The Python training course is not only about the syntax and grammar of the language. As you can verify , most Python training institutes in Ranchi focus mostly on syntax and grammar of the language . Whereas , this training course aims to develop a through understanding of Python in order to effectively use the language to create meaningful software . The training that you will get by taking this Python course will help in creating real software . That is why , data analysis on Python is included in the training course. Also , since the classes are only on Sundays , you get one complete week to understand the concepts taught and apply them .

Once you have completed this course and mastered the concept , you can explore the other things that you can do in python . Like , you can create a Web APplication in Python , or a Game in Python or you can do Machine Learning & Artifical Intelligence.

I have not included them in the course , because no course can teach you all this in 1 month. All those training institutes in Ranchi that claim to teach all of these are only misguiding them . Ofcourse , you should learn them . But before , you need to have a command of the Python language and problem solving through Python.The Python training course is designed to foster step-by-step logical thinking and implementation in Python. In fact , if your basics are clear , you can learn other concepts by yourself.

It has to be kept in mind that technolgies are ever-evolving . Every year , there's anew technology to learn . To be able to succeed , you should be able to learn them on your own . But for that , we must first have a solid understanding of the fundamentals. That is exactly whar I teach in this Python Training Course. You might be aware that Ranchi is currently growing at a very fast pace. But unfortunately , Ranchi is not the home of big it companies . Although , Ranchi has a good number of colleges and educational institutions and large PSUs like MECON , CMPDI , HEC etc, there is huge potential among the students and people in Ranchi to hone their programming skills and create something big!!.